All non-Czech nationals entering the Czech Republic must provide valid travel documentation. Delegates who hold neither an EU passport nor a Schengen visa should check as soon as possible the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website to see if they require a visa to enter the Czech Republic.
Visa regulations depend on your nationality and country of origin. For the most updated information regarding visa requirements, we do suggest you contact your local consulate for full and official instructions on the specific visa regulations and application procedures that apply to you.
If a visa is required, delegates should apply to the Czech Diplomatic and Consular Representations in their country of residence with the documents outlined on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website. Invitation letters to the conference may be downloaded online at registration area of our website.

Please Note:
–    Visa applications may take several months. Please check this now.
–    Visa application fees range from 35 to 630 euros per person. This should be paid on application, to either the Consulate or Embassy directly.
–    Presentation of the requested documentation does not guarantee that the visa will be issued.

AIM Group will be glad to assist you if you need any written invitation or other document to support your visa application. Please note that for receiving VISA Invitation Letter issued by Local Organizing Secretariat (AIM Group International – Prague office) your registration fee must be paid and your accommodation in Prague must be booked.

Kindly send confirmation of your registration fee payment and your accommodation booking together with below mentioned details directly to Ms. Veronika Krátká ( from AIM Group International – Prague office, who will prepare the VISA Invitation Letter for you.

Requested details for VISA Invitation Letter:
• Full name                                
• Nationality                            
• Date of birth                         
• Place of birth        
• Passport number                              
• Valid from              
• Valid until